Saturday, January 24, 2009

In The Making

They are all tired. Earlier, the 5 member creative team met at one coffee shop in Tomas Morato to lay-out the story of what they consider as their final act on their year long run on the once dormant Ravelo superheroes. Ays De Guzman, Phillip King, Danica Domingo, Eden Bernal led by Dindo Perez, comprises the Isang Lakas creative team.

All five just presented their storyline for the new direction of Isang Lakas to Production Director Julie Benitez and Creative Manager Rondel Lindayag. The storyline was good but it’s just too cluttered, and it’s still a little bit confusing. There was silence inside one of ABS-CBN’s executive lounge, the team sat and lay around the sofas with their two bosses for about 45 minutes. Phillip opened his laptop and had some catch up time with the 3rd season of Heroes while Ays was browsing on his downloaded trailers, Eden, Danica and Dindo went outside and lighted up their cigarettes. Then after some silence… “Alam ko na!” Julie Benitez shouted. She rose up from the sofa grabbed a white board marker and wrote a new story structure. Dindo, Danica and Eden immediately went back inside.Then everyone stared at was written and they all said one thing.


After that the flood gates opened and idea after idea rolled out. In just 30 minutes they have mapped out the entire run of Isang Lakas “Hay salamat, marami ng room for character development.” Ays said. The new structure is not a popular and will take a lot of effort for people to see of its potential.

Then for the next three days, the creative team fueled the stories of each superhero tying them up on their main arc. Then what suddenly was a bunch of very masa and cheesy villains became real threats and big time adversaries for the heroes and so the plot thickened. “The new story structure allowed us to delve much deeper into the heroes, so we were able to turn their villains into meaner sons of bitches.”

After those three days the creative team consolidated their stories and linked it up to their main plot and everything magically aligned. Isang Lakas was then approved.

“Now we will have to do the real work, writing it on a daily basis.” Phillip King said.

Watch out for the next post, these are news you wouldn’t want to miss…check out the blog again in 3 days time.

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