Saturday, February 28, 2009


One man could only make a difference, he can’t change the world, but what about six? Six individuals, each with his and her own unique set of skills, each with powers enabling them to take action of immense gravity. Now could they change the world?

As the Pinoy premiere super team prepares to take center stage and light up our small screens, we explore each of its powerhouse members and see what they bring in and what they should leave out as they converge to take down villainy.

“These are superheroes, but even they have negative traits. Because underneath those colorful costumes, all of them are human, or partly human and that means they have faults. But what’s interesting about superheroes is that, these faults, they don’t let it get the best of them. There in lies their journey that we all love to watch.” says Ays De Guzman.


If you tried to find the meaning of a 3rd world superhero in the dictionary, you’ll probably see a picture of Kapitan Boom t as reference. Tagged as “Ang hari ng Sablay” Kapitan Boom must’ve had more false starts in his career than all the other five superheroes combined.

He is the embodiment of a “Superhero ng Masa” for his first costume, his Lola gretch had to sew together a red shirt and pants plus a cape, and for his mask, he had a handkerchief that had holes in them. Lance (Kapitan Boom’s alter ego) had to endure wearing that ridiculous looking costume until his Lola Gretch could save enough money to get the materials and sew the costume Kapitan Boom wears today.

Kapitan Boom’s power includes flight, super speed, enhanced hearing, ability to produce his Sonic Shield and Sonic Roar. “I don’t know if the viewers noticed but Kapitan Boom’s powers are all sound based. He could fly because of the sound wave that’s all around. If he flies into space, gravity will take him in coz there’s no sound there.” Ays said. Kapitan Boom does not have enhanced strength, although if he wraps a Sonic shield over his fist, he can put a dent on a car and not hurt his hand. He couldn’t destroy a car since he cannot generate enough force to deliver that kind of power. But even if Kapitan Boom lacks the physical strength he does have an absurd amount of passion for what he does. That is his driving force. His passion in being a superhero is what enabled him to defeat the villain Hector Dosmaquinoz during his one shot. This guy is all heart. If the world is ending and all hope is lost Kapitan Boom will literally go through hell, heaven, limbo, and earth to find a way to stop it. He will never tire nor give up and that is the greatest thing about him and that is what makes him a superhero. Take away all his powers, Lance can still measure up with the rest of Isang Lakas just by his sheer force of will that is fueled by his passion. He would be in the Green Lantern Corps if Lance Mercado was a DC Comics character, there’s no doubt about that.

Kapitan Boom is a great addition to Isang Lakas because of his eagerness as a superhero. He is the idealistic type that’ll keep the group honest and true to what their core is, that is to help people in time of need and deliver truth and justice while battling for the greater good. His passion will be the group’s “Power Battery” in times of great need. Kapitan Boom is the shinning light of hope at night that will never ever go out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The look of evil is always appealing…inviting…this is why we are all tempted towards it. In this blog, the writers are naming the main villains in the upcoming Isang Lakas series on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida!

“For Isang Lakas we did talk about returning the supervillains you’ve seen during the one shots of the superheroes in Komiks, sila Gil Gante, Hector, Alice, etc. The storyline for it had been planned out. Then there was a change towards the creative direction of the story which presented a lot of possibilities. We thought that since Isang Lakas is larger in scope, it’s a much bigger sandbox to play in. So we opted to create new villains for Isang Lakas para din the mythology and universe would become larger.” Philip King said.

“Maganda nga actually yung nangyari, na-preserve yung 1st story namin, so may nakatabi na kami, just in case Isang Lakas stays on-air for a longer period of time.” adds Ays De Guzman

For this gathering of the six pinoy superheroes whose combined powers matches the might of the western super teams. You’ll need one nasty and powerful villain that can shatter the heroes both physically, and emotionally, or in Isang Lakas’ case several. “I love creating the villains, between you and me I actually like doing the villains more than the heroes. They’re really complex kasi and hip, I mean what’s cooler than Darth Vader right?” Ays said.

“There will be several villains in Isang Lakas, more or less 14 ata sila, including the two main villains.” Phillip said. “The heroes will have their asses handed to them muna before they see the light of day.”

“The main badass in Isang Lakas is named Amadeus. He’s a Magneto type of villain, in the sense that he’s has this regal aura about him and he’s not evil for evil’s sake. Actually to Amadeus he doesn’t see himself as a villain at all, to him he is a leader on a sacred mission, a mission that is not for himself but for his kind.” Ays said. “He is interesting kasi, at first he has a principle that he wouldn’t cross this certain line. But then something happens which shatters his entire principle and the core of his being and he completely goes 360. That was the point of no return for him, it’s not that he became insane, it’s just that he was proven wrong and the cost was more than he could bare. “ adds Phillip. “Amadeus can actually take on the six heroes by himself, I mean he is that powerful, he’ll have a little bit of difficulty dahil anim sila, but I think at the end of a fight, he can pummel the six heroes deep into the ground with not just broken bones, but broken hearts” teases Ays.

“The lesser of the two main villains is Antonio, brother of Amadeus.” Phillip said. With such an ordinary name, there is nothing to fear right? Wrong! As the writers explain Antonio is much more deadly than Amadeus.

“We called him Antonio, so that he would sound religious and kind but he isn’t anything like that. He’s very, very, very far from it actually. If Amadeus is like Magneto, Antonio is Starscream, I mean this guy is just vicious, a conniving son’ofa bitch and the perfect right hand man for Amadeus. Antonio will stop at nothing, literally nothing to get what he and his brother wants. Unlike Amadeus, he has no regal bearing at all, he’s just out for blood. He is what Alfred Pennyworth refers to on the movie The Dark Knight, a man who just wants to see the world burn. In Antonio’s mind, he and his brother are superior, so why should they bow to anyone lesser than them?” Ays tells us.

A hero is only measured by his villain, or in this case, their villains. The villains need to always be greater in strength, power or intellect than the heroes, but in the end, the heroes will win anyway, because they are fighting not for themselves and not for something selfish. They stand for truth, justice and the greater good of all. If Amadeus and Antonio are just two of the villains Isang Lakas will face then it will be an exciting throwdown once heroes and villains face each other. Isang Lakas Tayong Lahat!